Sunday, April 25, 2010

second outing and still counting XD

wellow ,
guys and gals . After sports day we went to Bowling at Shah Alam near Syamira's house . we have a blast after all we took some pictures about 100+ of pictures . yah , i know spoiled kids but , we did our homeworks after that . i meant late late night or tomorrow at the morning we do it XD

from left purple t-shirt : Adriana besides her : Hannah (S) black t-shirt up of hannah's head : Aisya :D besides Aisya : Syamim besides Syamim : Eileen and the girl wearing blue and pink scarf is : Sarah :)

Eileen and Aisya

don't look at us like that , were married . we got prove check out our facebook you can see it wright at the informations :P

p/s : we meant fake married not the real married :D

by : aisya

the picca that i promise to upload it

prooot , trooot , (imagine the trumpet sound)
remember ? the last post about sports day ? that time i havent post the pictures yet . lets fies youre eyes with my awesomely friends who has the coolest different kind of post in their little tiny geniuses brain .

what the **** . they playing splashing water without me ? well , its my fault who was to lazy to get up for school .

FYI : this is year 1,2,3, sukan tahunan . year 6 tidak terlibat but ,on enjoying ourselves we are most welcome by the teachers XD

by : aisya :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sports Day .

wellow ,
today our headmaster decided to celebrate sports day of SKUSJ 12 clashed with SMKUSJ 12 'canteen day' . sumpah best :D . SK 20 and SKSJ came our to school to run -.- well , i recognized some people only . theres Alif Firdaus , Hafizin and Balqis another 3 i dont know their names and from SKSJ i only know one , Badrul . well , they are fast runners . just now , we kept cheering for our own school . so noisy mah until the teachers stop us , we all shout 'twelveans' and clap 2 times every single minute . then , i ask Alif Firdaus to slow down but , he ignores me . damnyou . gahaha . well , Nilam cheerleader was the best and also Delima one . the formasi of all rumah sukan was great after all . we got free foods from our teacher , the whole school got -.- luckily the food was delicious or no point teacher , no point . our canteen made drinks for all the rumah sukan . we got lychee in light blue colour for nilam (blue) , mixfruit (red) for delima , light orange in colour for topaz (yellow) and guava for zamrud (green) . they didnt gave us free , we need to buy it . each drink cost 1 ringgit .then , we went to SMK 12 canteen day. i tell you once it was damn awesome !! the kupon had sold out . no more left . luckily , i found master . he got around 4 ringgit kupon i ask him and he gave me i pay him 5 ringgit . about 5 minutes later the canteen day was about to close the teacher made announcement . i found back master right behind me and trade back the kupon . gahah , rugilah master . well , master,najwan and mustaqeem already go in the haunted houuse . about 3 haunted house in one school . gile ahh kan ? . mental hospital , wonderland and torture . berani seyh diaorang , i can hear people screaming from inside and something pulling something , the noise of metal hit metal was damn scary . they grab our legs , they even push us to the wrong way , shocked people till we cry , follow us from back and many more , i went back home before the acara tarik tali starts . now , i gotta sleep . byee

by : aisya

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Competition!

hey guys and gals.
Me and Aisya are having a competition on "Who is the best author".We are having this competition is because both of our ambition is also to be an author.I pick the title "The Devil's Game" I pick that title is because I'm dying to read a new book titles "The Angle's Game".So,I wanna do the opposite.

I'm practically doing a book instead of papers.I even bought a new note book to make it become a whole fairy tale...a VAIN fairy tale.Oh! u can do nothing now baby,I know how to die!

Well,banana is gonna be the judge..I don't know how many hours...or days she will need to take to read my "BOOK" *chuckles*

Well..let's see who's the best author between me and Aisya.

well..sorry i haven't been in touch with my blog for a while.

buttons make my life more bright :D

hello ,
sorry . since it have been a long long time before i post the last post let me tell you everything that happens
yeah , yeah im a bad blogger XD
hence , how can i thanked you who open this blog and read all the craps .
well , a big thank you to you guys ,
some might copy our designs on this blog
but , who cares as long as they read it .
back to the main point what happen ea ?

~nilam thingy~
well ,
i have a blast practicing kawat kaki for Nilam i bet nilam wins ! yeah , we got our secret weapon . atleast , Nilam knows the point of sukan tahunan . its not about winning or losing its about having FUN :D Syamira cant see anything ! gahahahaha

~hannah birthday~
i got a birthday present to our one and only Banana since i like to eat , i gave her a box full of cookies by little miss you know wright the little miss t-shirts yep , they were awesomely freakinly fuckinly cute ! imagine the cookies damn deliciou and also damn cute , gahh , me ,Hannah and eileen managed to eat it c(: sorry , Syamira , well Syamira i know youre big fat secret ohh yeah !!!!!! i cant believe it men are you out of youre mind

anyhows ,
kept on reading this blog ,

by :
aisya XD

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i sucks , muahahahaha hah ?

heyloo ,
so lets forgot the things that have been done . oh oh you know what ? i got all B's and one A's -.-'' arghhh , dumb aisya !!
yokay ,
let me tell you what happen , last Wednesday they went to my house , we take some pictures , wanna see it ?
ouh , ouh sorry
i cant post it now . cause the pic cant load -.- what else ?
ohh yeahh ! i just invent shower milk bath my own shower milk bath gotta test it lets hope aisya died testing her milk bath
urmm , gotta stop till here need to go to the toilet :DD why in the whole world did i bother to tell you ?
pfft , anyhows
bye !

by :
aisya !

Sorry Aisya...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What has gotten into me?


So,guys..I'm feeling weird today..I've been reading quotes , Theories from William's very fascinating.It appears...the more you laugh..the old you will be.Well,that's bad..I laugh all the time (Everyday).

I seem to be interested in theories now and then.Even now,I chatted with Hannah Syakirah with full spellings,not with all these short-cuts.Postulates..Humility.Well,call me crazy as if I've gone mad and then.I know..I'm just twelve for crying out loud,but I can't take the consequences that I'm a little kid who can't learn about the going of life.

Well,I'm actually learning about things I should not be.But,the things I am learning now is for adults..and I bet it would be glorious to learn this for my future.Myths are not legends .. they are just make-believe stories of the old ones.Tribes,legends,Original...they are much as true but not all of them WERE.

The earth produces music for those who listens,some of us may not but some may because they listened.
Help is not enough,support is bigger.

From what I taste of desire
may you have a
very indeed incredible
fantastic and glorious

When you have a life,Use it wisely , don't waste it.
If you don't have a life,means you've wasted your life.
Get a life once you lose one.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Its been a while...

LOL!!!!!hahahahaha.....yes,at last I finally crack open the password my dad lock it in the laptop!!!!!WOHOOOOO!!!!I am safe rite now,he is out of town 4 a while so I CAN USE THE INTERNET WHENEVER!!!!This is the happiest moment of my thats why i want 2 share it with u guys,haha!It has been a while since i haven't post anything...i saw that aisya post something bout hating jb but don't believe a word she says,she is lying...If jb isn't jewish (yahudi) she will crawl back 2 jb,literally!!!Cause when at school i ask if she dare throw away ALL of jb's poster she has but she doesn't want 2 do it cause why???duh!Cause she still love him,lol!IDK if she still really,really,REALLY like him...maybe it is 90%/100%???She used 2 love him 100% though...i'll ask her 2morrow when she comes over...

syamira :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

justin bieber gone WILD !


well , i cant believe i just say that , did i ? thats a shock Aisya , you use to be Justin Bieber no 1 fan , well , i watch this video 'Bieber takes over' What the F , he just said 'bitch' and other bad words , funny or die ? bieber or die ?pfftt , being a bad boy ? does that a way to catch up more girls ? maybe on other countries , but , here . NO WAY ! i rather die then being a bieber for some good reasons ,

i hate him !

lets hope he suicide !!

by :
aisya :DD

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Face in Hole!

Look up there guys!
It's me!
I became Hayley Williams! wooaaa!! awesome wright? gahahahahaha. I's funny...
but somehow..I love it!

Hey guys..look...she's dreaming she is with Justin Bieber!...'s quiet funny!


Thursday, April 1, 2010


well , i almost die there , at the road -.- the sun shines , like , really bright . and our teachers cheers for us , to gave us spirits well , i didnt hear any single word because i was treating my iPod you know wright the iPod Shuffle ? yah , that one , i heard we are the world Haiti and all of Justin Bieber songs except baby eenie minee cheers me the most because , that song was so catchy . i can remember all he words that came out from Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber wanna bet ? ask me for it . i turn up to be the forth first person for year 6 students ,
WTF ? since year 4 i got number 4 . don't i have any improvement ? pfft , well Eileen was suppose to have the number but , she was helping Izreen sob , sob , what a true friend , bravo ! Syamira , well she got number 11 , i betrayed them , muahahahahhahahaahahah , sorry ,
Me and Syamira's team , Nilam got second and Eileen's team got the first one , Delima

yeah ,
can i insult my own team ?
Nilam tenggelam
x pakai seluar dalam
suka mandi kolam
makan ubat demam
siang malam

byesss ,
aisya :DD